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[03 Jun 2003|09:54pm]

friends only sorry folks if you want me as your friend just comment and ill put you on and you wolnt regret it cuz ducky zzzzzzzzz :P
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[20 Apr 2003|04:17am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

so yeah today kicked ass as usual hehehehe like first i thought it was gunna suk major bals but it didnt.so first i went out with my rents (witch i never do!!) and we ate at the golden egg.then i went online and found out that salina was coming over at lisas house and so i was invited too.I could of goten there earlyer but! i had to do the dishes .so i was doin them when suddenly one of the glasses feel and crashed over evrything meh meh and knoing glass we had to clean it all up wich took like almoast an hour so finaly we finish and its 6 and i still have to do shit losd of dishe!!! bleh.i finaly finish and get to lisas house.salina and morgen were already there and they all got to met salina for the first time hehehe it was great!!!!.then after some playin the guitar and goin online salina had to go byebye.later after salina left ryan came back from the jew fest (thats what ryan called it if you wana check his journal) and he went to lisas to hang.lisa got him the sweetest gift bag ever!!!!.It was an ester basket with hella candy and eggs and random shit too.there was also a bunny rabbit with a loket wich lisas grandomother gave to her and told her to give it to the person she fallins in love with.and there was also some silly sting wich ryan had to play with!!! lol.so we went to blokbusters cuz i was hungry and we ate candy and hung out at the bus thing.and ryan was spraying evryone with that shit and it was fun.finaly we ralized it was 11 and morgen and i had to split :( so now im home and its 4:30 i need sleep i dont know why im awake im only up this late evryday hehehehe.anyway i think im gunna go and try and get some sleep i hope i hope.......oh yeah!!!!! my bands playin tomorrow were finaly gunna get some work done finaly yay!!!!!!! well byeness HUGS -cory

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[15 Apr 2003|01:19am]
morgen and salina and lisa fucking rock!!!!!
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morgen in corys journal [14 Apr 2003|06:50pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Hey everyone, its morgen, i am writing in Corys journal he is talking about doing bad things to bop it. Cory is hella cool, everyone should read his journal Cory is sooo fuckin awsome. hehe and he has a cute/great girlfriend hehe "hi salina" Cory is sitting behind me playing with a chair, hehe well im gonna go and have fun with everyone, buh bye

~again this is morgen in Corys journal cause cory is sooo fucking awsome, hehe =)

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i love you [13 Apr 2003|11:58pm]
[ mood | loved ]

hey im her but not alone am talking to salina.anyway today kinda sucked but it didnt really tho.so i woke up today.I didnt really eat anything but cheese but i was still full.salina read me thins new novil shes been writing its fucking awsome she is such an awsome writer like oh my god.anyway i meade a quiz and then ate some pancakes.pancakes at 12 am? you might be wondering but yes i ate pancakes at 12 am.muahah ive rumbled the balance or good and evil by eating a pancake at 12 am.dredg rocks anyone who likes dredg comment now!!!!!! im listing to the right now and its like wow there awsome i love music i love ppl i love evrything hahahaha.well ive just joined a whole bunch of communityes and there all great claps for cory the anti socal shit head!!! well im gunna go dred rocks byeness-cory

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meh [12 Apr 2003|11:39pm]
[ mood | tummy achey >_ ]

hey i just got back from salinas house i had such a fucking awsome time with her and missie dana and estabon there all spiffy superific.salina and i cuddled the whole time.:P and it was fucking awsome i loved it i really think she is my soul mate and i DONT give a fuck about what ppl say i love her more than anything in the world!she is my love my spoon!!hehehehe

Anyway i just joined a few communitys like the dredg and deadsy community.There all really nice ppl its really awsome to met new ppl who are hella fucking awsome "smiles"
damn im fucking bored i have a tummy ache fuck fuck damn o well im gunna go byeness hugs bye-cory

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[12 Apr 2003|12:19am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hey well my day was awsome.Skool sucked as usual but after skool fucking rocked.I saw salina and it was awsome.we saw anger management and it was pritty good.We just snuggled thru out the movie and it was awsome....damn i say awsome alot lol...anyway after that we went back to salina house and we snuggled some more and watched some simpsons.It was hella fucking fun salina and i just layed down on her bed and did stuff and snuggled and watched the simpsons.And tomorrow im gunna see her too so thats gunna be soooo fucking awsome

OH yeah !!! i just came up with a new community http://www.livejournal.com/community/m_f_r/

join join join join join join join join please please please please please
ok im done well im gunna get some sleep byeness hugs byebye-cory

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mehh meh [10 Apr 2003|12:00am]
[ mood | blah ]

I need a life!!!.tomorrows thursday!!! thank god 2 more days till the week end!!!! And then it will be spring break!!!!.I cant wait i have already made a schedual of what im gunna do over the week off.

#1)see salina
#3)see salina agan!
#4)hug salina and kiss salina
#5)watch tv..............with salina

Soud fun! please comment on my journal please please im begging come one im on my knees i need someone to remind me that i am not alone.

Ok anyway today was kinda suckie i was still sick so i didnt go to skool.IM feeling better but i still feel like shit.I sleeped in till like 11.then i woke up and had some pancakes yummy "rubs belly" Then i went back to feeling like shit.I called salina only to hear horable news.salinas dad had a heart attack today!!i Feel soooo sad poor salina i soo wana give her a hug right now and salina if your reading this "hug i love you!".so later today i tryed to make roman noodle soup.I made it exactly like it says but i put a little but to much water (and alittle but is putting it lightly) anyway then i called salina agan and we just talked.When we finished i went online and talked to salina.....agan.All we talked about well actuly all i talked about was just how awsome she was.I pritty much sweet talked her.I love it.its like weve been going out for almoast 3 months but i still hit on her its fucking insane but i like it.Finaly she went to bed and left quite abruptly but its ok she was just probaly in a rush.I talked to ryan alittle witch i nromaly dont do that offten.I dunno sometimes it seems like he hates me and sometimes he seems like a friend but o well hes still fucking cool.anyway now im hear all alone its 12 and im fucking bored. i did like fucking 20 quizzes.There so fucking anoying but strangely amusing.

I really dont wana go to skool tomorrow.I have like 3 days of HW and i havent even done one thing.....hehehe o well.My mom found my report card.hehehehe she yelled at me but sinse i was sick she was kinda nice to me.I only got one D and like 3 As but the rest i have no idea i dont really remeber.damn im bored i wish i had another friend who is an imsomniac like me.evryone goes to bed at like 11 its fucking insane.damn it fucking boredom fuck fuck fuck o well ill talk to you ppl later.And if you care about me you will comment on my journal.........ok maybe i was being alittle to harsh but please please comment.........watch like one person comment how pittiful i am "hits self" Nw im talking to my self jezzz ......o well im gunna watch waking life and finaly maybe get some sleep around 4 or 5 and then get up at 6 for jazz band well byebye i love you salina.and morgen hugs hugs hugs <333333 and to the other ppl who love me too great big hugs <333333333333333 bye- cory

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hehehe good times [09 Apr 2003|11:57pm]
hey i was kinda bored so i did some quizzes Read more...Collapse )
well im gunna go ill poast up my day in a few min.
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[08 Apr 2003|10:59pm]
CommasutraDrumer: hi
ahh im losing it: hello
ahh im losing it: who may i ask is this
CommasutraDrumer: rhyne
ahh im losing it: oh
CommasutraDrumer: ya
ahh im losing it: you spelled kamasutra wrong
ahh im losing it: but ill forgive you
ahh im losing it: anyway whats up
ahh im losing it: sorry i have to eat
ahh im losing it: ill brb
CommasutraDrumer: its the name of my band
ahh im losing it: what commasutra drummer?
CommasutraDrumer: im the drummer of my band its called commasutra
ahh im losing it: well its spelled wrong
ahh im losing it: are your trying to spell it wrong
CommasutraDrumer: i think we did that on purpose or we r just stupid
CommasutraDrumer: what does it mean?
ahh im losing it: do you even know what the kama sutra is?
ahh im losing it: lol
ahh im losing it: you dont even know what it means
ahh im losing it: .............
CommasutraDrumer: a sex position?
ahh im losing it: a little bit more than that
ahh im losing it: its a whole book on them
CommasutraDrumer: o ok
ahh im losing it: dude thats pritty stupid that you dont even know what the name of your band means
ahh im losing it: i pitty you
ahh im losing it: hahahahah
ahh im losing it: HAHAHAHAHA
ahh im losing it: well i got to eat
CommasutraDrumer: my friend made it up i dont care lol
CommasutraDrumer: ok
ahh im losing it: thats sad

That is sad i hate it when ppl get into bands and have no creative say in it what so ever. im out byeness-cory
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[08 Apr 2003|03:57pm]
[ mood | sick ]

hey so today wasnt to good for me its like evry time i get over somthing like bad somthing else comes and fuckes me up.like i just stoped being all deppressed and now im fucking sick meh i hate it.

So today i didnt go to skool and that sucked cuz i sleeped in welll i didnt really sleep at all i didnt get any sleep in all night i keeped one waking up.and for thoes few ppl who have seen the movie PI never ever watch that movie when your half asleep in 2 in the morning while your sick.I worke up to max screeming and like suving a giant screw driver in to his head.so yeah i guss that was my fault.

So right now im just sitting hear ive been working on a new web site cuz i was really bored.I hate skool.I just wish it was summer.i sooo wana sleep in late and then see salina evryday that would just rock.I cant wait to movie out of the house and live in a appartment with salina.Just to wake up in the morning with me right next to me would be soooo fucking awsome i would be all like "wow" and then i would dance "dances" and then i would call pizza hut and eat pizza.Wow where did that come from hehehe wow im stupid hahaha

So i was thinking when i went to Hayword we took a tour of cal state hayword.And im really thinking of going there.Alot of cool ppl were there and they were all like cool.the music program there was fucking awsome.Im rwally thinking of going there.but right now i should just worry about whats going on right now.]

Well im gunna go byeness hugs -cory

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[07 Apr 2003|09:48pm]
[ mood | sick ]

hey im not feeling to good as you can see.meh bleh and other words to describe unplesant feelings.so yeah today was a fine day i mean all i really did was get sick and get grounded but im still smiling hahaha im fucked up
.So today morgen wasnt feeling to good and i hate to see her that way ahhhhh it just breks me you know shes soooooo awsome and is such a great person but i guss we all get depressed somtimes.I just wish i was there when she was all lonely (stupid cory!!)BUt i just hope shes feels better.See her and salina are like the 2 ppl in my life well there is lisa and shes like 100000000000000000000 times coolness so yeah 3 ppl salina lisa and morgen they mean sooo much to me.I just wish there was somthing i could do to show that to them.But i dont know what to do.maybe ill make a space shit and send them to a super utopea where there is no war no hateing just love and niceness and they wouldnt have to worry about parrents skool or any of that bad shit.

well any way i have hella hw today thats not cool.I got grounded meh but i still think i can see salina on friday but im not sure.i just hope i feel better tho cuz if im sick i dont wana get salina sick.i lovge salina soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much !!!!

well im gunna go i love you evryone byeness hugs

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hello there [06 Apr 2003|11:31pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

hey well today was a topsy sturny joy ride of chills and thrils haha good times!
well im just sitting hear on my bed with cloths on my back and pants and underware and i have the smell spoild dreams in the air.....ok i think im alittle silly hahaha im silly poop poop yes i sead it poop damn it !!!! my dog wolnt stop like moving around Read more...Collapse )
thats my dog and my sister anyway now im really bored and i dont wana get up for skool.I really feel like evryday i get closer and closer with salina and its soooo awsome i love her sooo much its insane!!.like just the fact that we are more than just normal b/f and g/f its more and you might think oh yeah right you dont really know.but i do know what true love feels like.I hate it when ppl try and tell me that like salina and i arnt gunna be togather forever like i say it is and like first why burst my bubble and second thing they know nothing about me and salina there is somthing more to us and i dont know about her but ill stay with her thru think and thru thin and i dont want to sound all cheese but i wouldnt be suprized if i marryed her cuz shes like the percect person for me.like it seems like we were made for eachother.like even our bodies fit togather its crazy!!! like when we snuggle we fit soooo well and thats why we call eachother spoons cuz spoos fit togather perfectly too.and like theres somthing i think thats salina and i dont know that maybe our love is ment to be and like theres sometimg happing in our brains that happenes sub cuchencely going on like maybe she is my true soul mate maybe but right now i dont wana dwell on thats i just wana think about whats going on now i mean thats what really matters right whats going on right now at this moment
its strange somtimes i forget that evry second will never happen agan i sometimes just forget that time is infinate and like will never repeat its self so maybe we should just love in the moment the time is not i am in motion with the ocean.

well im gunna go im really thursty i just want to say that i love evryone and sleep well mother earth marry meet and marry part hugs kisses byeness-cory

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awwwwww [06 Apr 2003|10:57pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

ahh im losing it: how was dindin
bina972: kinda icky
ahh im losing it: oh im sorry
ahh im losing it: what was it
bina972: all i had was cory and icky potatos
ahh im losing it: you had me
ahh im losing it: ??
ahh im losing it: lol
ahh im losing it: do you mean corn?
bina972: lolol
bina972: ahhhh
ahh im losing it: cuz if it was me that i would be offened
bina972: see i type your name so muchi don't even see it
ahh im losing it: im not icky
ahh im losing it: lol
ahh im losing it: so do i
bina972: i meant corn!!
ahh im losing it: any word with s in it i wirte salina
bina972: i don't think your icky, i think you taste very good
ahh im losing it: its sooo funny
ahh im losing it: lol
ahh im losing it: awwwwwwwwww
bina972: same, and l's and shit
ahh im losing it: yeah

awwwwwwwww shes sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love her soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hugs!!! [06 Apr 2003|05:27pm]
i just want to say Read more...Collapse )
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there are no words in the english dictonary that can describe how i feel [06 Apr 2003|04:40pm]
[ mood | undescribeable ]

have you ever thought that maybe someone forgot about you well hears one of thers times.well first off i wana kinda gear this in a loving way and i dont want to hurt any ones feelings expecaly salinas and i wana say that im not saying that this is salinas fault i just kinda wana get some of my feelings out.so anyway today salina and i were gunna go and see eachother today.I really wanted to go see her so i didnt go to my parrent party that they worked really hard for and they really wanted me to go to.So hear i am now sitting its almoast 5 salina hasnt called me or gone online i tryed calling her but her dad hasnt rwched her yet.But i do know she is spending the night at danas house becuse she went to this dinner party thing with her and her boyfrined.so yeah i can explane that but like she hasnt even called me to say that she was gunna call off us seeing eachother she hasnt even tryed.It seems like she ether doesnt care or she forgot about me im just hoping there is some reasonable explanation for this and that salina wolnt yell at me.But i do wana state this-salina and i only see eachother like once a fucking week! once a week!!!!!!!! and some of the times she insted goes and sees her frineds who she sees evryday at skool even tho salina and i had planed smotimes.and im not mad at her its just im wondering does she care did she forget about me and the main question is should i be scared im hoping please please let it be allright please let me just be over reacting.but like when my rents care home the first thing they sead to me was that i look like shit today they sead that the look on my face was really creepy so i guss that isnt good.so im gunna go i just wana say thaqt i love salina with all my heart and that she means evrything to me so like thats why im starting to freak out so byeness hugs hugs bye-cory

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fuck!!!! [06 Apr 2003|12:04pm]
fuckity fuck fuck damn it im soooo fucking bored no ones online evryone is out doing somtimeg cuz they have a life but i dont evry weeknd is the same all i do is nothing.and like now im hella bored and im like sooo lonely i mean i would kill for someone to talk to.no one gives a fuck
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i some times just feel like i wana ice cube the table [06 Apr 2003|10:23am]
[ mood | groggy ]

so hey there im home alone as allways im really bored as allways and i want ppl to comment on my journal so im gunna write in it pretending like someones gunna read it(witch they never do).so the hayword jazz festival was quite a wast of time.I mean the only thing i liked about it was that i got to eat hella food.It would of been like 10 times better if was on a skool day but no i had to get up at 4am on a saturday meh poop o well.So right now im only online for the slight hope that salina will go online so we can see eachothr but i have a feeling were not cuz evrything i plan never gos thru it sux major balls i did nothing this weekend shit i REALLY wana see salina i miss her so badly.Shes like the only person who can make me happy damn it.but at least shes havin fun shes probaly with dana and like laughing and being all cute as allways.I thnik im gunna just sleep some moe but ill be online with an away message that says "missing salina be back when i feel like it" so yeah if anyone cares. bye-cory

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[05 Apr 2003|09:32pm]
[ mood | blank ]

hey hows it going fine you oh just fine good times we the great aticapaters of the sleepy time gorila museum....oops kinda lost it for a sec....anyway im really bored and theres nothing to do i feel bad i just lost my dads really nice cell phone hehehehe o well im an ideot and i know it hahahah good times.



ok im sorry im just really bored

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[05 Apr 2003|06:21pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

hello there i guss i havent really poasted on my journal for a while but who cares like no one really looks at it anyway i had such a great time with salina last night :P all we did was snuggle the whole day it was fucking awsome yup yup snuggled.I wonder how she is anyway she out with ppl today.well anyway i just got back from the hayword jazz festival thing and it was kinda fun but not really.so like i got up at 4:30 ...meh and like i watched the jazz combo play and then we played and i did ok i mean well fine i played great but thats enough about me.so like yeah all the reast of it was boring and stupid and like i didnt have fun and i ate alot hehehehe.i had like hella chips and candy.sp now im just online hopeing that morgen or lisa comes online cuz i tryed to call her and i got her sister and she sead she didnt know where morgen was so yeah poop i dont think im gunna see her today poop i wanted to have fun today.meh meh meh meh meh .so i might see salina tomorrw if she wants to see me.i really want to see her i wana give her a big kiss.well now im really bored and im finding out that just little things are really pissing me off right now so thats not cool meh meh meh ahhhhhh bored well im gunna go i just wanted to tell ppl that i saw salina last night and it was awsome i love her sooo much and so does she.we just talked the whole night and we cuddled and it was awsome.Well im gunna go i love evryone becuse im very desperet for friends well beyness hugs-cory

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